Review: Crocs Prepair 2.0

To meet the demands of the increase in Sports performance and recovery product, Crocs have come up with their new line of Prepair 2 collections that is set to Enhances recovery after athletic activity such as running, jogging, climbing, swimming and even cycling.

Crocs™ the Prepair™ II is designed to enhance foot recovery after athletic events. Slip on to maximize relief, reduce muscle fatigue, and stimulate blood flow.

The Prepair II Come in 3 range clog, slide and flip to cater to everyone different needs. These slippers are specially designed to reduces fatigue and lets tired feet relax, built with the Crocs brand’s fully moulded Croslite material that is well cushioned, lightweight and infused with Croslite AG+™ material, the silver additive is resistance to odor. Super soft foot-bed pods at well place key stress point on flex grooves in the heel.

T-shaped groove system in the forefoot that splits off the big toe promote natural motion and flexibility. The upper band wraps comfortably around the top of the foot without causing any constriction. The open toe promotes blood flow in swollen feet, post-run, while massaging nubs underfoot stimulate circulation in the soles. Footbed pods on key pressure points further enhance relief.  The Prepairs stay securely in place during brisk walking and even some light jogging. An excellent recovery or pre-run slipper for wearing around the house.

I had been using the Prepair clog for almost a month or so and I find them very relaxing especially after a long run. It’s very egonomics, it fit perfectly which helps with the natural movement of the foot. The soft pressure pad will helps distribute high stress level on the bottom of foot, The design even out the load on the feet thus when putting it on the foot tend to spread out evenly and this enable the foot to recover quicker.

One down side personally for me is the cost, for a recovery footwear, it cost even more than a running shoe but other than that, overall the Prepair series whether its the clog, slide or flip is a something that should be included in the arsenal.

Give it a go, it will certainly prepare you for a race and aid in your recover after the race. Pamper for feet!

The Crocs Prepair II is available in 4 different colors and is in Singapore at all Crocs concept store

Cheers! (: 

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