Teva Churn – the MultiSports Water Shoes

The Teva  Churn is a multi-sport shoes release by Teva that specialise in getting wet. Its mesh upper is extremely breathable and quick-drying, making it the perfect shoe for those hot days where you just want to take the dip in the water. For someone who is into watersports the Teva Churn makes an excellent Kayaking or water sport shoes. The Churn is great for Travelling as it can transition from land to water easily.
Spider Rubber
A patented process produces our most versatile rubber compound that successfully blends high friction and good durability. A non-marking rubber that performs exceptionally well on wet and dry terrain.
Shoc Pad™
A blended polyurethane/EVA unit in the heel cup that evenly transfers the energy of impact throughout the footbed and away from the heel. This energy return actually provides greater spring with each forefoot push-off.
Personally this shoe feel better without wearing sock, The material use does absorb water and they retain very little water in the bed of the shoe. The Churn drain out water quickly, Water flows off the foot bed and out of the shoe.
The rear heel area of each shoe is made to fold forward so that the shoes can be worn as a pair of sippers/clogs. Anyone who when camping woulld knows how labor intensive wearing on the footwear on and off and putting on a pair of lace up shoes/boots every time they go in and out of a tent.
The Teva Churn makes a great hiking and even trail running companion.
Available in Male and Female Version
Available in Singapore for $139 at all World of Sports

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