Review: Adidas miCoach Pacer

Sometime we need a little help to motivate us to exercise and run better and faster, if hiring coach or trainer is your not an option to kick you in butt to stay motivated and run, Adidas have came out with a perfect solution, the Adidas miCoach Pacer.

Adidas understands that Every runner is different and every heart is unique, just imagine a personal trainer that listen to your heart and pushes you to the limit.

MiCoach track your heart rate while you run and measure your pace through distance and then give your real time audio feedback.

Making use of color zone miCoach tell you to speed up or slow down. Whether you are looking to run that sub-4 marathon finish or just to built stamina to complete your first marathon.

To start, simply visit and Set up a miCoach account, hook up the pacer unit and getting everything synced which barely takes any time. After that’s all done you plug the included single-earphone into the pacer (or use your own headphones), clip the unit to your belt, attach the stride sensor to your shoelaces, wrap the heart rate monitor strap around your torso.

For those who cant run without listening to your favorite beat, the miCoach is compactible with any music player in the planet, I hooked it up to my provide real time audio feedback as you listen to your beat.


In the past I review a similar running device from Nike, the Nike+ Sportswatch The biggest difference is that Nike’s system has no coach built in. Adidas micoach is design with any digital music player and any kind of shoes while the Nike+ is design exclusively for Nike shoes and to be use only with the Nike Ipod.

I feel the miCoach pacer could be better if there is a screen that shows the distance, speed and heart rate rather than just providing voice feedbacks. Personally, I enjoy the miCoach, I’m sure that I would definitely improve my running timing.

Try this

  • Add more excitement to your runs by listening to the Adidas Color mission which is available for download at Read review here
  • If you have an Iphone, be sure to download the miCoach App for free at the Apple appstore.

Let it coach you to Run yourself better. Train hard 4 more legs to go for the KOTR. SG, KL, Indonesia and Philippines.

Cheers! (:

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