Review: Puma Faas 500

PUMA Running is racing into 2011 with a fun, innovative and technologically advanced range of running shoes, The PUMA Faas Collection. Faas gets its name from the Jamaican word for fast, and the name fits.

PUMA Running understands that every runner is unique and what one runner needs may not be necessary for another. To help runners find the best Faas style to suit their needs, PUMA has assigned each style a number, ranging from 100 to 1000. The lower number models, such as the Faas 300, have less cushioning and less structure, providing a lightweight, fast-paced trainer. As the number gets higher, additional cushioning and structure is added to the shoe. The higher number shoes, like the Faas 500, are perfect everyday neutral trainers.

The collection is grounded in performance and features a biomechanical design technology exclusive to PUMA, called BioRide™, that provides a naturally responsive ride thus helping runners get into their own rhythm for increased speed and performance.

The innovative BioRide™ technology featured in the Faas shoes took years in development. PUMA did studies on some of the fastest athletes affiliated with the brand and studied their movement, foot placement and overall running skills.

Puma Faas 500 is lightweight neutral trainer that put together with 3 categories in mind; rocker, flex, and groove, all of which make up the BioRide Technology, an integrated system that gives you a more natural and responsive ride. The unique rocker shape allows for a bio-mechanically efficient stride with an effortless toe-off. The sole features flex grooves allows foot to do a little more work with each individual foot strike, it increase responsiveness as your foot naturally moves across the surface of the ground, while the full-length lateral groove in the midsole reinforces stability throughout the gait cycle. The Faas 500 takes design cues from PUMA’s old school running trainer such as the RS1 and features EverRide and EverTrack in the outsole for added cushioning and durability.

The main highlight of the Faas 500 is the Groove technology, a midsole groove offers flexibility in the shoes movement side to side offering a more natural stability to the way you run which is an ideal solution for runners who have ankle issues. Faas 500 offers a smooth feel as you go through the turn during a run, with the sole of the shoe staying flush to the ground, but the midsole groove moving with your foot to give you increased stability.

Personally, just by looking at it, my first impression is that the Faas 500 just don’t seem to look like a running shoe, it looks more like a casual shoe but after covering an accumulative distance of 52km over a span of 2 weeks through short (5km) to long distance run (21km), I found that if you are looking for running shoe that offers great cushioning properties but yet lightweight, then the faas500 are for you. Weighing in at a mere 274gram. I’m impressed at how Puma have put the whole shoe together. The faas500 is well padded and offer a super soft landing and are just simply comfortable – which is something that is hard to find in a lightweight shoe. The Puma Faas 500 is an all day efficient trainer and race shoe for mid and long distances.

Give it a go, you will sure go Faas..

Cheers! (:

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