6 months of Running in Year 2011

6 months has passed and one of the most anticipated marathon has gone by. How have you been training and performing since the start of the year?

For those who might be thinking of participating in the end of the year marathon, Singapore Marathon, guess what? the dates are out. Marked 4th December on your calendar and start training now.

But before one actually attempt their first marathon distance, I would like to advise them to try out the Half marathon distance first to see how their body and training fare against such strenuous distance.

Not sure what is a Half Marathon?

A Half marathon is a running distance half of a marathon (42.125) which is about 21.1km long. Running a half marathon distance is a good way to gauge if one is ready to attempt a marathon distance, it also allows runner’s body to adopt to the distance thus, minimizing cramps when attempting the marathon distance.

Any upcoming Half Marathon distance to look forward to in Singapore?

Surprisingly, there are many half-marathon distance running event lined up for the year. Other than the annual Safra Army Half marathon this year alone there are many events that provide such distance category.

26/06/2011 – F1 Nature Run
10/07/2011 – Singtel Run against Cancer
23/07/2011 – Marina 21k
17/07/2011 – Timex Tri-Factor Run
04/09/2011 – Army Half Marathon
02/10/2011 – Singapore Half Marathon
15/10/2011 – The North Face 100
16/10/2011 – New Balance Real Run
30/10/2011 – Newton run 30km
04/11/2011 – Singapore Marathon

Have you sign up for anyone of them yet?

Train hard, Drink more water, Sleep well, Smile more & persevere! Running is easy but to keep on moving is never easy.

Cheers! (:

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