Training : Adidas ClimaCool Color Mission Audio

I like to run with music, there nothing like a fast pace song to accompany you through a run. Running with music sometimes can give us that little boost of energy or motivation that we need to get through a run. adidas launch the ultimate running accessory, the world’s first running role-playing soundtrack – the adidas Colour Missions, a thrilling and immersive soundtrack designed to add colour and excitement to each run. Why go for a plain old, regular run when you could be on an adrenaline-pumping ‘mission’? Instead of just pounding the pavement, you could instead be a rock star escaping from fans, a bank robber evading the cops or a runner being chased by vampires!

adidas Colour Mission comes four uniquely colourful missions to choose from, each Colour Mission is a dramatic scenario based around a colour, a genre and a type of trail by using sound effects and storytelling to turn your run into a colourful experience. In each story, YOU are the hero. The voice over speaks to you in the second person and tells you why you are running and what you are trying to achieve. Sound effects are used to bring these unusual settings to life, while music will be used to effectively create the mood. Each story and mission will feature bright colours and will allude to the cool, lightweight feel of running with ClimaCool®. Running will never be the same again!

Personally, adidas Colour Missions is more like a full role-playing running soundtrack, a first of its kind, each mission is about  10 minutes long designed to guide a runner through each of the scenarios. adidas had made available 4 different role-playing soundtracks to dowbload, Colour Mission Green (The Mothership), Colour Mission Blue (Rock Star), Colour Mission Red (Before Dawn) and Colour Mission Yellow (The Getaway). I already downloaded them all to my IPhone along with the micoach apps. So what Colour Are you?

Download the Sound Tracks at

Fun Fact

Adidas launch the colour mission inline with the new ClimaCool Ride Running shoes.

Although I have not tried the Adidas ClimaCool® Ride  Running shoe but I from the review s and feeback I ‘ve read this is one shoe that promise runners something to look foward to.

Last Words

Now slip back to Colour Mission Red (Vampire) and off for a night Jog in the beautiful city of Sabah, 1 more days till the 12th Sabah Adventure Challenge 60km Trail Run.

Cheers! (:

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