Race Review: 2XU Compression Run 2011

Back for it’s second time, The 2XU [Prounounce as 2(Two) X(times) U(You)] 12km run is back bigger, better and with a new location and running route for it’s participants to conquer. Many would remember this run from 2010 as one of the major running event that was organized in Sentosa. This time around the race has been brought to the city area – Marina promenade.

Many had waited and train hard in anticipation for this run ever since registration opem back in early January. The 2xu 12km run was clearly one of the most anticipated running event of the year with more than 10,000 people registered.

Race pack/ bib collection was held 2 weeks before the race day in Velocity and judging from the many familiar faces queueing to collect their race essential. This is going to be one of those event where you will definitely bump into a friend or two at almost every kilometer. A few of my friends from Malaysia had also made their way to Singapore to collect their race pack for the race.

10 April, many woke up as early as 4am and make their way to the starting point at the Singapore Flyer to be on time for the flag off at 7am. Many runners was seen mingling  around with the other participant while doing their strectcing as they get ready for the race as they queue patiently at the baggage deposit area. Many were aware that flag off was at 7am but only a few realize that there will be a second wave flag off at 0715am. This then bring some confusion has many were unsure they which wave their belong to.

Flag off at 0656am (4min earlier than stated), some of the runners at the baggage area who is still queuing up to put their baggage were  feeling a little unhappy as organizer had flag off the race earlier than planned. A few minutes later it flag off again and this time was at 0710am which is 5mins earlier than what is stated on the race guide. Many participant was seen starting even later.

The race starts, runners made their way to toward Nicole highway then procceding to Kallang PA Waterventure before “u-turning” back to the flyer, towards the NTUC building at Raffles Quay then toward the Marina Promanade and around the newly constructed Marina Bay Sands and crossing the Helix bridge and olympic village. Many runners slowed down as they climb stairs to the helix bridge.

Runners then proceed to run towards the finishing line at the F1 pit. As they crossed the finishing line medals were given, organizer had made 2 separate medals 1 for the male and other is for the female.

I personally enjoyed the running route around the marina promenade as it offers some spectacular view of the Marina city area, I stopped several times to just enjoy the sight and sounds of the place. The ruoute is very scenic and I have no doubt that this is going to be one of the top running place to run in Singapore, Medals given out base on genders was unique,  Race marshalls were present to guide runners to throughout the route and Water stations serving pocari sweats and water were sufficient.

Some stuff that I particular don’t like is the plastic cups given out to participant at the water station, organizer should look at conservation and enviromental care issues, distributing plastics cups is not a way to go as there is seem to be a wastage and plastic is non-biodegradable thus many running event provided paper cups. Another issue that is during the baggage collection at the end of the day after the race.

As there is no marshaller guiding the remaining participant to the bags collection lanes, many participant unknowingly gather at the last lane and this resulted in a massive jammed and queue at the baggage collection point. The signs on was uncleared was also uncleared. Many participant also commented on the lack of toilets along the route and the high registration fees.

Overall it was an interesting and wonderful event to be apart of. It was almost like a gathering rather than a race as there were so many familiar faces that took the time to train and be apart of the event, the run took participant to around the scenic view of the newly constructor Marina promanade which is a great change from last year Sentosa Route, despite the minors bad feedbacks. I would surely make an effort to participate next year 2XU run even no matter where is will be held.

Result: http://www.2xucompressionrun.com.sg/results.html

Shoes Use: New Balance MR890

PowerSong: See me Smiling – Yellowcard

Cheers! (:

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