Review: Valentine’s Day Run 2011 [13.02.11]

13th February 2011, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Kampong Chai Chee CSC organized it’s second ever Valentine’s day run. Back again since it’s success in 2009, this event had receive a very good response and comment from past participant. This time, (just like in 2009) the run was held in Bedok Reservoir. To welcome more couple to take part in the race, the route was cut in half as compared to previous year. Distance was kept at a single loop around Bedok Reservoir, 4.2km, which is good as it will encourage more new runners to participate in the event.

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love whether you’re single or attached, one thing for sure the participant were there to celebrate their love for running. The event was kept small but still more than 120 couple and about 50 individuals [ (: ] turn up for the event, mostly came in their red Official Valentine’s day event Tee. The event start off with a simple introduction by a some sort “wacky and hilarious” emcee, welcoming everyone to gather at the stage for a warm up session. The guest of honour for the event. Mr. Lee Yi Shyan conducted a warm up session with the participants before the race was flag off. Even before the race begin many participant were breaking a sweat from the warm up session conducted by Mr. Lee.

7:30am, right after the warm up session, participant gathered as they were flag off, some ran while there were some that just decided to jog and stroll pass the route spending every second of the race with their love one. Individuals running the leisure category like myself, just ran all the way to the finishing line. Along the way volunteers was station giving up bottle mineral water to the participants.

As they completed the race, each participant was given 100plus, mineral water, towel and breakfast. Next comes the lucky draw session where lucky winners stands a chance to win for themselves LCD TV and printers. After the lucky draw session, roses were distributed around to all the female participant. This was then followed by a group photo-taking session, with that the event came to a close.

Overall, just like in 2009, this is still one of the best executed and organized event I had ever participated in. Despite the reduction of distances by half (in 2009 distance was 8.4km) and that the registration fees was raise by half ( in 2009 registration fees was $5 this time round was $10) this is by far one of the run to be remembered, there were sufficient water and for the price we paid for registration the amount of goodies we received is definitely more. I was there for the run.

Kudos! To the Organizer, Participants and to everyone who had made the event a success. Hopefully they could organized this event annually and welcome more participants in the future.

Fun Facts

  • Bedok reservoir can be consider more of a trail running/ cross country rather than road running.
  • Special Shout Out! to the Malaysian Couple that make their way  from  across the causeway to be apart of the event (:

(Photos Courtesy of Time of your life)

See more Photos at :

Distance : 4.2km
Power Song : Something More – Secondhand Serenade

Cheers! (:

2 thoughts on “Review: Valentine’s Day Run 2011 [13.02.11]

  1. I really admire people who have the stamina and desire to participate in runs of such nature. Even to wake up early just to jog around is already a challenge.

    Bless all the runners here with good health! 😉


  2. hey hey, just come across said blog !!! thanks for the “Special Shout Out”, we enjoyed ourself very much too that day, didn’t felt in anyway being left out…

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