Review : K-Swiss California Ion-Mask

A few months ago, I wrote a review on one of K-swiss running/ triathlon shoes, the K-Swiss Dual insole miSoul, since then K-Swiss has been developing better and more efficient running shoes that not only benefit athlete but casual runners as well.

K-Swiss has since team up together with P2i technology to incorporate its Ion-Mask technology onto the K-swiss premium running shoes. P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, in a move which is set to revolutionize the performance of its latest running performance shoes.

The ion-mask technology was first use by the military to treat uniforms as it repels water and stains from entering the fabric or clothing. ion-mask gives the fabric and clothing (including the stitching) superior water repellent, it delivers two crucial benefits; it stops external water getting in and it encourages evaporated perspiration to flow out. As a result, it dry out more quickly, won’t get heavier over time, and maintain the natural airflow of their construction material. By treating the ion-mask technology onto K-Swiss running shoes would means that wearer is now able to run through wet and muddy terrain without worrying of it getting wet or muddy.

I was privilege enough to be given a chance to try out the new K-Swiss California shoe, name after the states that K-Swiss was founded and manufactured, the California is one of the first two shoe range that is treated with the Ion-Mask technology. The California is a moderate neutral shoe designed speedwork, racing and daily training.

Here are some of the Key feature of the K-Swiss California:

It weights at 340.2g, Slightly heavy but durable enough to provide a smooth ride and comfortable stability


  • ion Mask: Liquid-repellent coating that keeps out water or other liquids, and keeps the shoe lighter and cleaner
  • SEAMFREE technology heat welded seamless upper for total comfort with an external heel counter for stability
  • Stay-tied laces: lacing system that allows laces to flow smoothly through the eyelets, laces are corded at the ends to keep it tied securely

Midsole Cushioning

  • GUIDEGLIDE dual-density construction midsole with a full length composite foam layered in between the midsole and the upper for underfoot cushioning.


  • SUPERFOAM crash pad that provides maximum cushioning in the heel, footbed, and sockliner of the shoe
  • Aosta II rubber outsole provides extra durability

Due to the busy and festive month I was only able to clock a accumulative total mileage of 62km over 4 training sessions, 1 of them being a 21km LSD Run. As a whole, I personally the Ion-Mask technology as it allows runners the freedom to land their foot on whatever condition without worrying it to be dirty or wet.

The California repels water efficiently as wearer could literally see water roll off the shoe, the Superfoam sole absorb landing impact efficiently regardless the surface. The insole has this Yoga matt feeling that adds extra comfort and cushioning.

The sole is design to facilitate forefoot running as it allows the shoe to bend. Some feature that can be made better in my opinion would be the sole, the sole could be better by including more multi-direction lugs to add more traction to the shoe, this way the California could be use as an efficient trail running shoe another would be to lighten the weight of the California.

Overall, the California makes a very good daily trainers that runners could wear daily for their training runs and race day shoe. It provides the right blend of comfort,  durability, cushioning and water repelling qualities that will sure help runners achieve their Personal Best.

The K-Swiss California retail at  SG $199 and will be available in Singapore at all Running Lab outlets from February 2011.

Fun Facts

The California is available in Male and Female version.

Know more about the Ion-Mask technology. Here

40 years ago in Van Nuys, California, K-Swiss (NASDAQ: KSWS) introduced the first all-leather tennis shoe, the K-Swiss “Classic” in 1966. Since its inception, K-Swiss has rooted itself in California Sport with an  aim to be the most inspiring and innovative sports brand in the market. Today the company offers performance and lifestyle footwear and apparel for several categories under its California Sports umbrella including Tennis Heritage, California Fit (Running, Triathlon and Fitness) and California Youth. K- Swiss also designs, develops and markets footwear under the Palladium brand, and owns the FORM Athletics brand.

For more information about K-Swiss, visit

Cheers! (:

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