Hype Gear : Halo Headphones ” Wear the Music”

the new Halo Headphones range includes three sets of stylish speakers in bold colours, each complemented with a classic black headband. The new range makes a dashing distinction between categories such as: Sport in fiery red, Travel in timeless navy and of course the Original in classic black.

Equipped with a one metre cable and 36mm high fidelity stereo speakers that produce superior sound quality, the new Halo Headphones speakers have a “Y” shaped strain relief to separate cords, making them more durable and longer lasting.

Speakers are inserted into the opening at the back of the one size fits all, interchangeable headband and unlike other headphones, are nonintrusive and not fixed in place – speakers can be adjusted and aligned directly over ears for a more personalised fit.

Each specific category of Halo Headphones comes with a headband made from a customised technical fabric that is designed especially for each designated end user or activity.

The new Halo Headphones retails at $69 each and will be available at all Running Lab outlets from February 2011

Cheers! (:

4 thoughts on “Hype Gear : Halo Headphones ” Wear the Music”

  1. Very cool… Does this still come with their sweat channeling strip? Otherwise, there’s still a remote chance these headphones will just drown like all the previous ones i’ve purchased!

  2. How long have you worn the Halo earphones? I assume its made of a garterized band. Im worried it may look like ribbon of bacon after prolonged use. How about washing it? Can you wash it along with your running clothes? Thanks!

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