Release: Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2011

Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2011 (First Night Trail Race in Singapore)

Date: 30th April 2011 (7pm – 12midnight)

Location: Lorong Asrama Trails, Mandai, Singapore

Distances: 12km / 6km (Trail)

Compulsory Race Equipment:

  • Race Bib
  • Mobile Phone with Emergency contact numbers stored
  • Night Head-lamp
  • Reflective Arm Band

To register? Click HERE

Closing Date: 10th April 2011 (Sunday)

For More information:

Cheers! (:

2 thoughts on “Release: Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2011

  1. Race helps in losing weight by regulating metabolism and burning body fat. Race reduces the risk of high blood pressure, depression, heart attack. Oxygen inhaled while racing results great amount of energy especially to your joints. Race increases self confidence, promotes muscular development and improves blood circulation system.

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