Training: Men’s Health Bootcamp [23.1.2011]

Start: Hort Park – Exhibition Gallery (Main lobby)

On the 23/1/11 Polar organize their the 3rd and last training bootcamp for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon participant leading up to the event. Building on the experience from last year’s bootcamps for the race, the participants benefit a great deal from these sessions.

The Bootcamp is unlike the usual training runs as the programme is a customized to focus on the agility, strength and core training to help participants overcome the obstacles during the race.

Throughout the 3 bootcamp session there will be obstacle simulations together with high intensity workouts to help train boost participant’s stamina. On this final installment of the bootcamp participant was lead to a 12km run from Hort Park to Telok Blangah which follows a 25-storey vertical climb.

Participant did several intensive uphill short burst sprinting along mount faber route together with intense core and strength training workout. It was a scenic and breathtaking or rather breathless as many participant would agree that it was the toughest training session of all the previous.

Like the saying goes, what don’t kill you only makes you stronger.. It’s less than a month till the Men’s Health Urbanathlon thus every drop of hard earn sweat was worth it in getting ready training up for the big day.

See you guys on at the starting line on the 20th Feb 2011, The Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2011

More Photo :

Cheers! (:

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