Upcoming: Sabah Adventure Challenge 12

Event Name :  Salomon-Suunto Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011

Date : 22/04/2011 to 24/04/2011

Category : 60km Trail Run

Competitors in the ultra 60km trail run will compete solo. The routes cater for a variety of different types of people who may not want to run the route but rather trek the routes or brisk walk the routes with the ultimate objective of experincing some of the most beautiful parts of Sabah and with the intention of completing the entire route over the course of 2 days.

For more info – http://www.sabahadventurechallenge.com

One thought on “Upcoming: Sabah Adventure Challenge 12

  1. Hey Minicoopers51:

    thanks a lot for promoting our Sabah Adventure Challenge/Ultra Run!
    Hope you get to run all your wish-list cities!

    Run Sabah Run

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