Review: Thorlos Experia Sport Socks

Thorlos® has recently introduced its new Experia multi-sport line, colorful and above all super comfortable socks. Whether you are going for a run, trail running, long walks, hiking, cycling or even playing a game tennis one would agree that aside from a good pair of shoe, a great pair of socks matters as well. A great pair of sock will help one stay dry and comfortable throughout the day, it compliments a happy and healthier feet.

The Thorlos Experia socks is anatomically engineered to fit snugly like a glove with no bunching or bulk thus reducing the weight of the Thorlos. The new design had taken out all of the excess padding leaving only on section of the feet where you need the protect which is on your heels and balls of your feet against to help absorb and minimize impact.

The Thorlos Experia consist material of
20% nylon
66% CoolMax®
13% Polyester
1% Elastic


  • Mesh design reduces weight and maximum breathe ability.
  • Lightweight Achilles tendon pad helps to protects against rubbing and chafing, while functioning as a heel lock for additional durability.
  • Sock frame covered with Lycra® to provide contoured aerodynamic snug glove-like fit and a strong lightweight frame to support protective padding on heels and forefoot.
  • Specially sculpted Thörlos pads in the ball and heel provide protection from shear and impact.
  • CoolMax® Enhanced Performance in the ball and heel pads helps in providing maximum moisture management. It drawing perspiration away from your feet, keeping your feet drier and healthier.

As someone who run long distance on a regular basis I will not start running without my Experia socks on, It is one of the most comfortable socks I ever worn. It helps prevent chafing and blister on many part of my feet. I personally like the cushioning support it provides on the on the back of the heel as are places that tends to get chaffed from rubbing against the back of the shoe. The padding on the forefoot also help reduce heat and friction thus preventing blister. My only regrets on this socks is the price, compared to other sports socks in the market the Experia is easily one of the most expensive socks I have but it does serve its purpose. I had ran 2 full marathon in them and even after the marathon the my feet still feel dry in them. Overall the Thorlos Experia is something everyone should invest on if they are looking to add some extra comfort and support to their run.

Go ahead  try the Experia and experience them for yourself.
Thorlos Experia is available in Singapore at all World of Sport store.

2 thoughts on “Review: Thorlos Experia Sport Socks

  1. Great review of a great, great sock. I raced Boston and Pittsburgh last year in these socks and they stood up extremely well, even in the downpour that was the Pittsburgh Marathon. Thanks for sharing this great review. Happy Running from Austin! J

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