Review: Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 (Water Resistant)

Water resistant and washable, perfect for sports and active lifestyle use

Like most runners, I love listening to music when I’m out running, whether it’s a training run or a competitive run, I rely on my Mp3 Player for music which will guide me to the finishing line. Despite many have said that running with earphone in your ears is dangerous as you would not be able to hear the surrounding, I find that Music plays a vital role in my running journey.

Music is known to stimulate and motivate one during physical activity. It has tremendous emotional and motivation power that can help one keep on going and inspire one to break their limit. It relaxes the mind as it distract it from feeling tired and playing the right tune, PowerSong can actually influence the tempo of the run.

Tour D'Trail

Every runner would agree that the only irritating thing about running with music is the earpiece cable that tends to get in the way and most Mp3 cannot be use in contact to rain and sweat as it will damage the component . Some Mp3 players in the market are just to bulky to be carry along during your  running session.

I seem to have found the perfect solution for every runner to enjoy pure music while sweating it out! Sony Walkman has recently released the newly updated version of the W250. The NWZ-W252 players is perfect for users who lead an active and sporty lifestyles. It is lightweight, durable, water resistant, and most importantly, wire-free! These resolves all the hassles that a runner may experience when listening to music while running. Now, you can truly enjoy pure music, be it rain or shine.

Weighing a only 43g, it is one of the lightest mp3 player ever. Similar to its predecessor, it features a unique wire-free, Hands-free, ergonomic design for comfortable fit and convenient music playback while exercising or when engaging in physical activities. The W252  has a unique music navigation interface for quick music browsing, with a flick of the button user can change tracks with ease.

The New NWZ-W252 features the new ZAPPINTM technology that when activated it will search the play preview of the main chorus of each song in the music library. Thus, allowing users to easily scan through their music library, whether on multiple playlists and folders, to find the song they want to hear.

It provides up to 11 hours of music playback time on full charge. For Users who are always on-the-go. The NWZ-W252 is equipped with the Quick Charge function which allows to 90 minutes of music with a short 3 minutes charging time.

Charger Dock (included)

NWZ-W252 has the capacity of 2GB which can hold up to 68 hours of music, or approximately 1,000 songs at 3 minutes a song.

Personally, ever since I gotten the Sony NWZ-W252, I had not left home without it. It is small, compact, comfortable and convenient to bring around regardless the activity. It provide music on the go, no matter where I am.  As it is water resistant and sweat resistance I would normally put them on when running and at times I would even wear it for gym workout and  occasionally when I’m doing my bouldering or rock climbing sessions. It is very secure once it is put on and it is light, sometime I don’t even realise that I had them on me.

at New Balance Real Run

Go ahead, if you are looking for that lightweight Mp3 device that can accompany you during your runs without the hassle of messy cables then, look no further than the Sony Walkman NWZ-W252.

Fun Facts:

  • Plays Mp3 and Wma file format
  • Music transfers are simple and fuss-free – includes Content Transfer software that allows easily transfer of music files directly from Windows Explorer or iTunes® to the Walkman® with its simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Comes in 4 vibrant colors of pink, white, lime green and black

The 4 colors are sold at S$129.
  • Sony had release a limited edition Metal Gear Solid, W252 Walkman design with a unique camouflage finish. It is equip with 6 tunes pre-loaded from the Peace Walker soundtrack that will constantly remind you of the game

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition

The metal gear solid limited edition is available in Singapore at all Sony Style for S$139.

Cheers! (:

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