Review: Reebok ZigTech – ZigFuel

Reebok Zigtech Energy Drink for your feet – More Train Less pain

The catch phrase and the design of the sole of this shoe was all that is enough to make one curious to know more about the new Zigtech shoes by Reebok.

Reebok recently release 4 different variations of the shoes that had been incorporated with the new Zigtech technology by Reebok. Reebok ZigPulse, Reebok ZigFuel, Reebok ZigEnergy and the ZigPulse II.

The ZigTech is a DMX zig-zag shaped foam sole, design for cross training such as running, basketball or general training that claim to ease the strain experience on key leg muscles up to 20%. Hence, you can do More Training with Less Pain – An energy drink for your feet.

The secret to the ZigTech technology is in the way the sole is design, the flexible Zig-Zag Energy boosting groove sole design absorbs the impact of heel strike sending a wave of energy along the shoe that helps to propel the user forward with each step. Thus providing a smooth heel to toe transition in every stride

With the Zigtech, it will reduce strain on hamstring, glutes and shins to up to 20% hence help to reduce the effect of shin splint which is one of the most common injuries face by runners and Athlete alike. Therefore with the zigtech it will reduce the risk of injuries thus, user can train longer and feel less pain.

ZigFuel- Blue

I was given a chance to try out this new technology by Reebok – The ZigFuel. My initial reaction when I saw the shoe was “Wow! that looks bulky” but once after putting it on, the Zigfuel is actually quite comfortable. It is one of the lightest cross trainer shoes that I have ever put on. The top half is made of syntactic leather and mesh upper equip with reflective properties on the shoes for reflective visibility and safety when running in low light condition. It is equipped with padded tongue, collar and soft inner lining at the inside of the shoe that gives it a comfortable and snug fit. The bottom half however was made from the DMX shear foam that had been design in a zig-zag shape separated into different panel from the heel to the mid-foot and onto the forefoot and this will help to reduce the impact to key muscle group when running and providing a smooth heel to toe transition.

On my first run, it felt a little strange, a little hard to explain as somehow it felt as it my legs are lighter and I can make longer stride. At the beginning of the run the shoe was pretty stiff and I was waiting for that smooth heel to toe transition but after about 1km or so everything seems to be in order. As a mid-foot / heel foot strike runner, I was land my stride heel first which is a bad as it will puts a lot of pressure on the heels. The Zig reduces the impact thanks to the DMX Shear cushioning panels which added extra comfort and reduced impact to the heel stress. I ran about 8km on my first run with Zigfuel and it was the first time I’m running with the Zigfuel and since it is not season yet, my feet were left aching after the run.

Reebok Zigtech with Yellow ribbon laces. In support for the Yellow ribbon project

A few days later, I took part in the 6km short distance Yellow Ribbon Prison run and this time despite of the heavy downpour the Zigfuel provides just the right amount of traction that prevented slipping when running across wet and slippery condition but due to the upper mesh design and material the shoe was drench but this time after the race, my feet feel fresh and aching free I was then ready to put the Zigfuel to the test, 21km Army Half Marathon. This will be my first time running distance longer than 15km since I returned back home from the International Gold Coast Airport marathon.

I wore the Zigfuel on race day. I was impress with the way it perform during the Army half marathon, the Zigfuel due to its lightweight design, it provides the user to make longer stride and feel lesser pain as it reduces the impact experience on the heel therefore user will be able to run faster and longer without pain and this serve as an opportunity for them to attempt for their personal best timing. – I did not do so well for that run.

In short, if you are looking to put that added fuel into your running than the Reebok Zigfuel is the shoe for you. It will provide you with the cushioning support, comfortable fit and reduces the strain experience on the feet, shin and glutes when running thus it will gives you the extra energy boost return that will propelled you forward and accompany you to the finishing line.

To Purchase:

  • Buy Reebok ZigTech at Discounted price – Click here
  • Reebok ZigTech are available in custom colors when order via their online store – Click here
  • Reebok ZigTech range is available in Singapore at all Royal Sporting House store

Read more about Zigtech:

It it fuel your run and desire to the finishing line and beyond

Cheers! (:

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