Review : Ace Compression Short Sleeve Shirt

Recently, I was given a chance to try out the brand new ACE Pro Compression Shirt from

Since I had never worn compression top for running before, I decided to give it a shot. I chosen red, not only because it symbolize good luck  but also I had never seen any running compression top that comes in that colour before.

Over the past few weeks, I had been reading up on compression wear and had came across several interesting article about how it had been known to improve an Athlete or a Sportsman performance in their area of sports. Many runners who wore compression have claimed that they were able to run faster and further in achieve their PB.

Some Major Benefit of wearing compression includes

–  Prevention of Injury

–  Maintain Body Temperature

–  Faster Recovery

–  Provide UV Protection under the Sun

Over the past month, I had worn the Ace Compression shirt in my practice runs and competitive events such as the Northeast Run, 2Xu compression Run & the F1 Nature Run.

Wearing it for 2XU compression Run

Running in them for the first time feels a little alien at first as I had never worn tight clothing when running as I always thought that it will be too stuffy and hot especially in our local climate. Normally, I would be wearing loose clothing such as past event Running top or my PT kit as it provide more air room.

Initially, it felt  tight on the chest and arms regions when putting it on but surprisingly, as soon as I ran in them, I feel that the compression top became more and more comfortable as it keeps the body feeling cool despite the hot climate. The material use provide wicking therefore sweat seems to be disperse out of the compression top therefore skin feels dry and cool.

Wicking effect

Another interesting feature I realise is that because the garment is tights it actually helps with my running posture. I was able to run tall and this helps in my breathing as well. The compression also helps provide stability to the shoulders and core regions thus, reducing upper body vibrations which will help conserve energy.

One feature that I really like about the compression shirt design is the breathable mesh under the arm area; this allows air to enter the garment and cools the body.

Breathable Mesh under arm

Overall,  the Ace Compression shirt feels very unique due to its material and design. I have seen a slight improvement in my running performance in term of posture. The only downside I experience is that the ace labels on compression garment start to peel off after various cycles of wash.

Ace Logo on Sleeves

I will definitely continue wearing it for my training runs and to the next few running event to come.

Personal rating 7.5 out of 10

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Cheers (:

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