Review: Starhub Urban Freestyle 2010

Date: 10 April 2010
6.5km + 9+1 Obstacle

COOL, FRESH, EDGY was the theme for the first ever Parkour Freestyle running event organized by Starhub on the 10th of April 2010. The event spans a total distance of 6.5km starting from the Padang to the Singapore Flyer and back. There were 9 unique obstacle stations that were in place around the route as well.

As someone who practices the art of Parkour, this is one event I am not going to miss. The event was made non-competitive which means that participant can actually take my own time to run and have fun goofing around with other friends who had sign up for the event as well.

The event was open to everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. The event saw close to 2200 participant, all with different goals. While some came to compete other just to be apart of a Parkour event, ultimately they are there to have fun.

Flag off was set to be at 2pm, which was something unique as most running event  usually start in the early hours of the morning. The organizer have also set up a huge carnival in the Padang for the non-participant/ passerby to be apart of the event as well. There were many activity set up to catering to the different variety of age group, there were kids section where they serve free ice cream, food and popcorn , a flea market, Bosaball court and a few Parkour demonstration on stage.

Finally 2pm, a crowd of close to 2200 participant, made their way to the starting point. We were despatches out of the starting line in waves as not to avoid congestion at the obstacle station.  As soon as it began we reach our first obstacle; Man vs Wild. Participant have to jump above several barricade, crawl under a 3m long tunnel and make their way across a beam.

After crossing the beam and trying to avoid falling into the muddy pool, we ran forward to see what awaits us.  Along the way, there were some pillars, walls, benches, barricade and cones; being someone who practices the art of Parkour, I could not resist jumping off, over and under the object as for us, the city is our playground.

We came to “special surprise” obstacle where we scale up the base of the overhead bridge and then slide down. This obstacle was not included as one of the 9 obstacles stated but participant sure had lots of fun going through it. – “Parkour Up”

Next come the Hubbing station where participant had to collect the different stickers base on the 6 different icon printed on their event tee. Participant have to work together to complete the cube before heading off to the next station.

Sony Ericsson VivazTM Parkour station, personally was the best obstacle of the whole run. Participants have to scale up walls and Tic-Tac across the quick app switches. This will soon followed by the HD Structure and another 1.5m wall climb before we precede to the 7up stations where they serve us ice cold 7up revive. This was something everyone was looking forward to, Ice cold drink on a hot afternoon – simply refreshing.

From there we made our way to the HBO pacific tunnel and then to the Adidas shoe obstacle. On to our 7th station; Strike a pose. Here participant have a choice between 3 backdrop/ runway; Wolverine, Glee or the Simpsons. Clearly, the Simpsons were the majority favorite pick. There we already a long queue of people queuing for their turn.

The last 2 obstacle for the event was the fast & freestyle and the ocean slide. The fast & freestyle allow participant to display their Parkour skills as they leap of in between or over 2 cars. Then it was the ocean slide to the finishing line, as everyone had run into the obstacle, there was a huge puddle of mud on the obstacle thus, I doubt anyone actually slide their way across the obstacle.

Done with the obstacle course, overall I feel the event is just awesome, as it is a non-competitive event, it was not about achieving one personal best but rather it is a get together run between friends, family, co-worker and etc. ultimately it was all about having a fun, relaxing and active Saturday afternoon obstacle run.

Some area of improvement that organizer could do is probably to have distance marker along the route, more durable obstacle; some of the obstacle was close down due to damages sustain, and another thing is that maybe the organizer could revise the registration price of participating in the event next year. A finisher medal would be great as well.

Overall, it was a great event for all. The event live up to it’s theme as I feel that the obstacle is not only fun but it is also COOL, FRESH and EDGY. I’m looking forward for next year.

Next run: 2XU Compression 12k Run 11.04.2010 (the next day)

Official Photos:

Cheers! (:

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