Upcoming Event: CitiSpa Mizuno Power Run 28 March 2010

Run for Power

On the 10th of February 2010, a press conference was held to announce the official launch of the upcoming CitiSpa Mizuno Power Run 2010 which will be held on the 28th of March 2010 at the Playground @ Big Splash East Coast Parkway.

For the first time, CITISPA is partnering with Mizuno to launch the inaugural CITISPA Power Run 2010 as to encourage women to power up their desire to embrace a healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

The event will be expecting a turn out of 3000 ladies participant. The participant will run alongside 100 special needs children from four selected Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). The children will be accompanied by CITISPA staff and runners throughout the 5km leisure run. The children will also be receiving a special goodie bag, sponsored by Mizuno, which consists of a pair of running shoes, running singlet, shorts and shoe bag.

This run would be a symbolic journey for the children as by completing the run and reaching the finishing line, it will symbolizes their overcoming of the challenges in spite of their physical limitations. The run will provide an opportunity for these children to run alongside with the rest of the community during the leisure run. Organizer hope to inspire these children to realise their full potential and to achieve their goal in life – likened to the crossing at the finishing line.

CITISPA aims to raise $100,000; Central Singapore CDC will also match a dollar for every dollar raised for the fund; the CITISPA–Central Singapore EmPower Fund 2010. These funds will go towards the four VWOs under Central Singapore CDC’s Comcare Local Network, in support of their children’s programmes.

The four beneficiaries are:

  • Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)
  • Special Olympics (Singapore)
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS)
  • The Down Syndrome Association (DSA).

Each participant will receive an attractive runner’s kit which includes

  • Complimentary CITISPA face/ body/ spa treatment worth $128
  • Limited edition CITISPA Mizuno Running Singlet
  • CITISPA Mizuno Gym Bag and many more!

Race Info

Date: Sunday 28/03/2010
Venue: Playground @ Big Splash
Distance: 5km Leisure & 10km Competitive

Reporting Time: 0615
Race Start Time: 0700

The registration fee is just $39.90 for early birds who sign up before 28 February 2010.

Register online at www.citispapowerrun.com.sg or at any CITISPA branch.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Event: CitiSpa Mizuno Power Run 28 March 2010

  1. The organizers decided to postphone the race by 30minutes start time. Was fully aware of it before the actual race day- but inform NONE OF THE PEOPLE who joined the race who then who had
    a)Carbo-loaded wrongly
    b)consume their gels too soon
    c)Wook up much earlier than they need to.
    The very lame excuse was that some publicity was added to the program, involving a cheque presentation so all racers who arrived on time for the 7am race for the 10k and 5k races, should wait another 30minutes and 40minutes respecitvely.

    Very inconsiderate of the organizers. I for one will never use CITISPA services in my lifetime.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your feedback a lot as I was not there to witness the event for myself.
      From your feedback, It seems that the event was not that enjoyable for some of the runners who participated in it. It seems that the organizer change the schedule last minutes but do keep in mind that this is their first organize running event and that this event is more of a charity fund raiser, in supportive of the four selected Voluntary Welfare Organisations for the special needs children.

      So even-thought some might feel a little disappointed with the event, I firmly feel that the Special Needs Children who participated in the race had a lot of fun in being able to run along side the other runners in completing the race. Hopefully the organizer will take positive measure to improve on the event for the following year.


  2. Your website is not opening. How do we find out the actual timings from this race. I roughly know what time I had as I timed myself, but was hoping I could go to a website and enter my tag number and be told this information???????

    Also, I was disappointed at the 30 min delay, which I think you all knew about before. More (or even SOME) distance markers along the way please.

    However, enjoyed the run, love the cause and glad the children enjoyed themselves.


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