Review: Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2009

TIME : 7.00AM
CHALLENGE : 73Storey 1336 Flight of Stairs

Into its 20th year now, the Swissotel Vertical Marathon saw many enthusiasts lining up to take the challenge of climbing one of the tallest hotel in South East Asia.

Climbing up 73 storeys with 1,336 steps within minutes may sound like a daunting task for many but over the years there had been a growing numbers participant this year is not exception a record 1,600 participants competed to complete the challenge this year.

This year an all new Lovebirds’ Challenge was introduce where couple will compete and reach to the finish line hand-in-hand. Their timing would be based on the lower of both timings.

73Storey Swissotel: One of South East Asia Tallest Hotel

For the third time, I had decided to sign up for this challenge. Hopefully I am able to beat my PB of 13.5mins.

Flag-off time varied depending on their category. The Men’s Open Category was schedule to be flagged at 10:10am. Many participants waited eagerly on the ground floor for their category to be flagged.

This year was a little special unlike the previous years. Firstly, the new event tee, like the previous years Polo tee were given out but this time around the event tee were from Mizuno, therefore it had been change to a round neck tee of dry fit material.

While waiting for the Men’s Open category to start, we meet up with our friends, Haslinda and Raihan who is participating in the Lovebirds’ Challenge.

Haslinda & Raihan taking part in the first ever Lovebirds’ Challenge

We also meet up with the One Arm Runner, Adam Kamis who is also waiting to race up the 73 storey.

Mr. Adam Kamis Aka One Arm Runner

10:10 Am. We gather at the starting point, we were sent out in batches of 5 with a minute’s interval.  We make our way to the stairs, where our challenge awaits us. Everyone started sprinting up the stairs. As we got higher, the air seems to get thinner and it gets a little difficult to breathe. Everything seem to be spinning after the 45th storey and everyone is force to grabbed hold of the slippery sweaty side railing.

At 60th storey many participant stop for a breather, I personally stop and commented to myself  “This seems like a good idea 3 months ago”. I did not train for this event as I was focusing my effort for the coming Singapore Marathon.

SCDF Medical staffs were on standby at almost every floor to not only provide medical aid but also in cheering the participant to push on and reach the top.

Finally, at the 72nd storey, 1 more till I reach the end of this challenge. There was a holdup on the last few floors as there were many participants who slowed down before exiting to the roof.

View of the City from the top of 73th storeys

Medal was distributed to all participants upon crossing the finishing line. I was a little unhappy as I was not able to beat my personal best. I finish 15m44 but this sure taught me a lesson to not underestimate a Vertical Marathon event. Well, Hopefully I can beat my PB next year.

Team Addicted to Run

But all eyes were on the Men’s Open category, where German Thomas Dold was out to defend his title. He conquered the 73 storeys with a time of 6 minutes 46 seconds, a new world record and six seconds better than his 2008 timing.

Defending champion in the women’s open category, Suzanne Walshman, also came out tops with her time of 8 minutes 29 seconds.

The Champions

Both champions will once again represent Singapore at the Empire State Building Run in February 2010.

See you guys next year.

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Power Song: Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) by Jay-Z

Our Next Run: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 – 42km (wish us luck)

4 thoughts on “Review: Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2009

  1. Hi Minicoppers!

    I see you have great passion for marathons! Was wondering if you have signed up for this year’s National Vertical Marathon? It will be held at OneRafflesPlace formly known as OUB building. There will be a brand new rooftop and they will also be known as Singapore’s tallest building!

    Do check out our website for more information!

    • I think there is an error on this post. The Swissotel Vertical Marathon started in 2004 which goes to say, 2010 is the 7th year not 10th year of this race. I participated in 2004 and 2009 and will do it again this year, in 2010. Cheers!

      • Not really cause they had it before 2004 but it was not that popular and it was not publize on much! I’m doing my 4th time in a row. 07, 08, 09 and 10. See you there Cheers!(:

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