Review: New Balance Real Run 2009

Date: 8 November 2009,

Time: 7.00AM


Distance: 10K

My 3rd New Balance Real Run. This event is known to have one of the toughest running routes compare to the others races. This year is special as I am taking part in the 10k category under the HomeTeamNS. For the first time, a finisher medal will be given out along with the normal event tee and a messenger bag to all participants upon finishing the race.  There are 2 different distance categories to the race, the 10km and the 15km.

Race Bib 10k

The 10km flagged off at 7:00am while 15km runners flagged off 7.30am. They had decided to push the flagged off timing as to escape from the rising morning Sun on the last few kilometres to the finishing line.

The 10km route which includes a 5.4km Taxiway / Road, 0.6km Sand and 4km Trail will take participants on an adrenaline rush through the landmarks of Changi Coast Road and experience the new trail paths.

Race Route

As I had stayed in camp the night before, we were able to reach the race venue way earlier compared to anybody else (we reached there at 5am). This gave us ample time to do our warm up and prepared for the race. At around 6:40am, Mass warm up were conducted near the flagged off point.

Runners make their way to the 4km trail route which soon followed by the long stretch of taxiway/ road. I was doing fine for both terrains clocking a very reasonable time as only stop for a sip at the water point at the 3km mark and then I did not stop running. Until, come the Beach segment of the run, I had always hated to run on the beach as I don’t like to run on sand plus I had sprained my ankle in the past while running on such surfaces in the past.

The last 2km was a breeze as we are back running on the taxiway and toward the finishing line located at the exhibition centre. Finally, I crossed the finishing line, I was not able to achieve my personal best but I hope to will do better for the next run. Everyone gathered at the exhibition center for the performance and lucky draw as we wait for the chartered bus to take us back to Pasir Ris Mrt.

All Smiles from the SCDF runners

Overall it is a well organize event, there were sufficient water point which serve runners with water and 100 plus, the Distance markers were clearly shown for every kilometer and Road marshal were present all around the route to guide the runners. The only improve area of improvement they could make is probably to add more portable toilet around the route as it will make it more convenient for the female runners to release themselves. Other then that, hmm.. Medal was nice to have and the after run massage makes this event a little more memorable for me. Most importantly, It enable me to finish the run with my other camp mates and by doing so I was able motivate/ inspire them to participate in other running event in the future.

For sure I will return for the Real Run 10 and this time I shall return back the 15km distance category.

Congratz to all FInisher

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Power Song: Same Direction by Hoobastank
Our Next Run: Swissotel Vertical Marathon 22/11/09

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