Gadget: Nike+ Sportband 2.0

Nike+ Sportband 2.0

About a year ago I went out and purchased the Nike+ Sportband from the Nike Bird store which I will be use as an aid in improving my runs . Nike + Sportband enable runners to keep track of their run similar to to the Nike+ Ipod system. Statistical feedback such as calorie burned, running pace, running distance will be recorded into device. The Sportband consists of two parts: a rubber holding strap which is worn around the wrist, and the receiver which resembles a USB disk. The receiver displays information comparable to that of the iPod kit on the built-in display. The receiver can then be plugged straight into a USB port and the software will upload the run information automatically to the Nike+ website. On top of that it doubles up as a kick ass wrist sports watch.

Unfortunately about two months later I returned back to the Nike Bird Store as i realize that the screen had gotten misty and some of the display had also began disappearing, apparently from the sweat i generated from running, it  seems as if  the Nike+SportsBand didn’t like to get wet. No sweat, no washing of your hands. The staff at Nike exchange the my faulty sportsband for a new piece.  About a month later, I returned again with the same problem and it got replace as well. It soon began a Monthly routine for me to head down to the Nike Bird Store to exchange for a newer pair due to the faulty screen problem. Eventually, i got fed up with it as i soon encounter more problems such as the inability to see the SportsBand Screen at night and that the screen casing had broken off after i accidentally drop it while running.

Summary Of Fault with the Nike SportsBand

  1. Device Isn’t waterproof
  2. Screen is not visible in the night
  3. Device is not that durable

This Year Nike had launch Sportband 2.0 with a white background to enhance visibility and a welded seal to improve water resistance.

Here is some more info on the 2.0 version:

  1. Improved screen with a white background for better visibility
  2. A welded seal for water resistance
  3. Available in grey with an interior pink band, anthracite (dark grey) with a yellow interior band, and black with a red interior band

With Improvement made base on their original SportBand Nike it is now shock absorbent, water resistant design and with a more sharply defined screen, it will provide a more accurate reading of your vital running stats.

Nike Sportsband 2.0 Pink

Nike Sportsband 2.0 Pink

The new Nike+ Sporband will come out in August and I’ve decided to give it another go. Mainly because it enable me to keep  track my runs and I am still in need of a good sports And with the newly release color I’m sure everyone can guess which color I’m getting. Yellowcard rocks (:

8 thoughts on “Gadget: Nike+ Sportband 2.0

  1. I had the same problems with the sports band in Version one but I am glad to say that Ihave found the new version #2 to have some major durability improvements.

    Better visibility with the white background, sturdier construction and better resistance to moisture.
    The accuracy seems to be right on for my daily mile runs.

  2. The distance is not accurate at all. I ran same route a few times a week and it was off by almost 1km. I tried in on the tracks just to be sure. I ran 2.4 and it indicated as 3km.

    • Have you tried calibrating your Nike+ Sportsband? I’m currently using the Nike+Ipod and The Sports-band together. The Sports band have a slight different in the distance recorded compared to the Nike+Ipod. Try calibrating it once more, after calibration is it will be more accurate. (:

    • Hi,
      For the
      1) Nike+ Sports band is about $99 at Nike B.I.R.D Store, you will get the Nike Sports band and the Sensor.
      2) If you have an Ipod Nano then get the Nike+ Sports Kit Cost $55 which include the sensor and receiver
      3) If you have an Ipod Touch or Iphone then go to apple online store and get the sensor for $30. Iphone and Itouch have a build in sensor and software.

      Hope this help, thanks for commenting. Cheers (:

  3. i need 1 of this.

    What’s the pros and cons between
    Nike+iPod vs the Nike+Sportband2.0 vs Nike+iPhone/iPod-touch?


    • For once Sportband 2.0 is for those people who do not own any apple product and for those who do not like to run with music. Nike+Ipod is bulky.. ;p

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