Info : Nike Human Race 2009 (24.10.2009)

Nike Human Race 10K

What is the Nike+ Human Race?
Last year Nike hosted the world’s largest running event with nearly 780,000 participants. This year, the Nike+ Human Race is back on October 24. This 10K run will once again celebrate the sport of running and give runners everywhere the chance to run together with others around the globe. Nike is hosting runs in more than 30 cities around the world, but through, every city and every road can become a race day course. By combining the virtual running world with the physical, the Nike+ Human Race is open to anyone, anywhere.

What is the main goal of the event?
The main goal for the Nike+ Human Race is to celebrate runners and their sport while connecting them through a worldwide physical and virtual running event.

Not much info had been release regarding the event. This is what I had gathered so far.

Date: 24/10/2009
Distance: 10K

Race Duration: 7.30am – 11am

Start point: Esplanade Bridge, Singapore
Venue: Singapore’s scenic route.
Entry Fee: S$20 (24 years old & below)
S$35 (25 years old & above)

Goodies: Running Bib shirt and???

More Details to be announced soon.

Hopefully more info will be release in due time. I can’t wait to register for this run, want to be one of the one million runners participating in the event

For more info:

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