K-Swiss Konejo Review


K-Swiss Konejo Review

The K-Swiss Konejo (Spanish for “Rabbit”) Running Shoes are lightweight distance running shoes that features technologies such as the GuideGlide Guidance System™ and triple-density Superfoam™  compound for cushioning, “Y-Beam” TPU arch support and  medial posted midsole for stability, and Aosta® II for flexibility. The typical weight of these running shoes is around 330-350 grams per shoe, making it a lightweight pair of shoes for long distance runs.

The Tests

Track (6km)

 K-Swiss Konejo

The shoes gave good traction on the MJC stadium track. During warm up sprints, the shoes gave good grip during the starting bursts so there was very little slippage. At 350 grams per shoe, this shoe isn’t really made for track running though (most track shoes are between 300 grams) However, this shoe is great for long distance runs. A 4km run around the track gave me a good feel of the shoe. Its Y-Beam” TPU arch and medial posted midsole support was just nice for my neutral type feet,preventing them from overpronating, while the extra padding made the shoes really comfortable to run with.

Army Half Marathon (21km)

Ah, the main event: the Army Half Marathon. This shoe helped me though the 21km without fail. From the start to the end, these shoes worked remarkably well. The shoes also absorbed the extra shock effortlessly when running downhill (technically down bridge, when descending the Benjamin Sheares Bridge) On flat terrain, the shoes worked fine thanks to the stability features intergrated.  All that cushioning technology, like the GuideGlide Guidance System™ and the Superfoam™ compound, helped made the half marathon a much less daunting task.

At the end of the half marathon, it wasn’t my soles that were aching. It turned out that while both my whole body was sore, the feet were nary giving any complaints. The Konejos truly supported my feet up to the ankles, and they did



While the K Swiss Konejo running shoes were one of the most comfortable shoes that i’ve worn, there were some drawbacks. It got real hot inside the shoe, especially after clocking a certain mileage (for me, its around 800m/2 rounds around the track). The only real ventilation is a thin mesh at the top of the feet. The rest of the ventilation is done through the cushioning.

All in all, the K Swiss Konejo running shoes are most suitable for long distance running, and uphill running. I would give K-Swiss 4/5 for this pair of running shoes, the only drawback being the temperature dissipation in the shoe. Other than that, the K-Swiss Konejo is one of the most comfortable running shoes I’ve worn for distance running, and i’ll be using it again for the next few upcoming runs, leading up to the Standard Chartered Marathon.

-Md. Shaiful

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