K-Swiss miSoul Running Review

“K-Swiss miSoul: The most versatile running shoe ever”


Being an avid runner, I tend to have to more than one pair of shoes to meet the needs of different training routines. Knowing the correct type of shoes to wear will complement one’s training to reach their specific goals. If I were to be doing a fast tempo short distance sprinting workout, I would have to put on light weight shoes. On the other hand, if I were to be training for long distance running, I would have to wear heavier but more comfortable and cushioning shoes.

“Everyone’s feet are different and everyone have different needs and goals.”

K-Swiss has come up with a revolutionary running shoe that will meet the needs of any type of training, whether its long distance running or sprinting. Imagine having a pair of shoes that can be customized to meet the needs of the training. miSoul running comes with 2 kinds of interchangeable insoles; one for fast tempo workouts (Light 1.0), the other

is long distance running (Cushion 1.0).

The Test

To test out the potential of miSoul, I have decided to conduct 2 running sessions, one being long distance and the other being short distance fartlek training around the stadium circuit.

Long Distance Run

Cushion 1.0 – Heavy cushioning insoles

Distance: 8.41km

Locations: Ubi Driving centre to Tampines MRT.


While running I can feel the “bouncy” feeling on the heels as they strike the pavement. When landing I experienced less impact on my feet due to the SuperFoam™ cushion in the heel and forefoot. The Si-18® gel technology integrated in the design of the shoe also provided me with the extra cushioning on my heels. The upper mesh of the miSoul allows proper ventilation to keep my feet cool. However the pores were so large it allowed sand and grit to get inside the shoes when running on trails and pavement.

PowerSong: Cut Me Mick by Yellowcard

Short Distance Fartlek Sprints

Light 1.0 – Ultra light insoles

Distance: 2.4km (normal) + 800m (sprint) + 400m (slow) + 400m (sprint) + 1km (cool down)

Locations: Meridian JC Track.

When I changed to the Light 1.0 insoles, I instantly felt as if I was wearing a different pair of running shoes. The shoes felt lighter, making it easier for me to sprint through the track. The cushion support on the heels and the stability control on the insoles made miSoul one of the best light weight running shoes I have ever tried on.

PowerSong: The Great Escape by Boys like Girls


The K-Swiss miSoul is a very unique concept; a shoe with 2 pairs of insoles for 2 different purposes. It is definitely the first of its kind. While it is not for trail or sand runs, it definitely fits the purpose for road or track events. Therefore I will be using it for the upcoming 21K Army Half Marathon/Singapore Bay Run. Overall, I feel that this shoe is comfortable enough for use in sprinting, and for runs not more than 50km.

Look out for miSoul as it hit our shores on August 09 at all Running Labs.

Nike might have the Air; Asics might have the Gel; with miSoul you got it all– Tommy Haas

5 thoughts on “K-Swiss miSoul Running Review

  1. BFG. Thanks for the Comment. I quite comfy, manage to run it for the AHM 21K. Look Out for it when it hit Running Lab in Late August. (:

  2. Actually this is not the first shoes to use this concept. Adidas came up with it about 2-3 years ago via their megabounce shoes

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