Avia Men’s AVI Lite II Review

Firstly I would like to thank Yong Feng from Bike Boutique Holding Pte Ltd and SGRunners for giving me a chance to tryout and review on the new Avia Men’s AVI Lite II Running Shoe.

Avia Men’s AVI Lite II Review

Avia Lite II is an ultra lightweight distance running shoe. Avia Lite II incorporate several Avia Technology such as the Cantilever® System, Anatomical Cradle® Dura-Ryd™, Dura-Stryk™ therefore making it one of the best running shoe available in the market today. It provides stability, superior cushioning and shock absorption.

It is best for runners seeking a lightweight trainer for a neutral to slightly overpronated foot type.

What is the CANTILEVER® System?

By looking at the sole of the shoe, notice that part of the sole is concave. The concave sole acts like a trampoline to soften impact that will in turn stabilize the heel and provide increased energy return.


What is Anatomical Cradle® System?

It improves both motion control and shock absorption by mimicking the bottom of your heel in your midsole. A cup-like shape in the midsole, created through an anatomically correct last, literally cradles your heel, holding it right where the foot’s own natural padding and the shoe’s cushioning will absorb the most impact; this translates into less shock on the rest of the body. The cradle also centres’ and holds the heel firmly in place to reduce twisting on both ankles and knees.



Stability: 8/10

Forefoot Cushion:
Rear foot Cushion: 8/10


I was able to get a good accumulate distance of 60km with it through several running event among them are the Adidas Sundown marathon 10K , Mizuno Mt Faber 10K, Brooks Republic Run 5k and of course for my 2.4K IPPT. I got to say that the cushion that is in place in the shoe still feel like new even after all the “abuse”. Uphill or downhill, Road or Off-road running, it provided me with the responsiveness, stability and the comfort that I required to sprint and push on the finishing line.

I wore it for the Mizuno Mount Faber run; the route was full of uphill and downhill slopes. The specially design sole on the AVI Lite II allows user to scale uphill or downhill better due to the shape of the sole. It also provides motion control and shock absorption which helps absorb the forces on the impact, therefore help to ease the pressure on the heels and knees.

Another great quality I observe is the 3M reflective material that is incorporate into the design of the shoe. While I was running the Adidas Sundown Marathon I realise that having a reflective material incorporate into the design of the shoe is a great idea especially if you are running at night as the shoe will reflect light and therefore making you more visible.

Overall I feel that the AVI Lite II is a good stability, motion control and cushion running shoe that will give you the support you need to get a good run. For distance wise I feel that the shoe will be suitable for distance between 10km to 42km or so.

One draw back is that being a “heel striker runner”, I will tend to strike down heel first and I feel that the sole especially on the heel area wore off quickly, Other then that I would recommend anyone who is new to running or even an intermediate runner to go get the AVI Lite II as it will give you the cushioning support you required to finish the race strong.

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