Review: Adidas Sundown Marathon 09

Organiser: HiVelocity & Adidas

Date: 30/05/2009, Saturday

Venue: Changi Point

Category: 84k, 42k, 10k

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to give kudos to all participants who beat the odds by completing the 84km category. I myself found it difficult to complete the 42km distance the previous year. Hopefully I too will be able to compete in the 84km category next year.

As I had only taken part in the 10.5k corporate run; I will be only able to write about what I felt about the event in my category.

30th May 2009; while some people are enjoying their weekend nights at home resting or enjoying the night life. Changi Point witnessed a gathering of runners from all over Singapore, all with one goal in mind to compete/ take part in the Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009. The organiser had set up the carnival tent equipped with a giant movie screen in the middle of Changi Point. Baggage holding tents were also present which helped keep the valuables safe.

The flag off for the 10k Corporate was at 8pm. Due to the rain, I wasn’t the only latecomer for the event. I was panicking as the rest of my team had not arrived at the starting point yet. As some of us were involved in this year’s NDP training that ended about an hour before the flag off time we were unable to make it for the flag off.

I started the run at about 8:15pm; the weather was nice and cool due to the earlier downpour. I was running with the Avia shoes that I’ve been given a chance to try out and do a review on. The shoes were light and they provided me with the forefoot support I required to sprint my way through the 10k.

Avia Avi- Lite II
(will be posting my review on this shoe in a few days time)

As I ran, I soon realized that there were no water points or portable toilets in the first 5km or so. I saw several runners actually stop and ask the road marshal for water. At just about the 6km mark, there was the only water point in the entire 10km route, many participant were relieved to be able to replenish themselves. I pressed on to reach the finishing line. As I was making my way back to the starting point, I met with the women 10k category runners who had flagged off at 8:30pm. Shortly thereafter I met my other 2 team mates who had just started their 10km journey as well.

Finally, the I crossed the finishing line. I was thrilled to be able to complete the run in under 58mins. As participants crossed the 10k finishing gate, we were ushered to the finisher’s tent where 100plus, bananas, finisher medals were given out. An exclusive Adidas visor cap was also given to finishers.

2009 Adidas Sundown Corporate Challenge Finisher’s Medal

While waiting for the other runners to either start with their category or finish with their 10k, the organiser had set up a after run carnival tent equipped with a big screen and sitting area. Finishers were able to witness and cheer on their friends as they crossed the finishing line. The organiser also screened movies for the participant who stayed behind after the race as they waited and cheered on the 84km runners.

Personally, I feel that the run was alright despite the lack of logistics such as water point, toilets and lights. It was a very cooling run and my friends and I had so much fun participating in the event. The only thing that I feel was lacking is that the finisher tee for the 10.5k corporate event like they had last year.

Other then that, nothing much except that the team and I came out with a resolution and that is to run the 42km next year and the 84km the year after next. So see you guys next year meanwhile the team and I will constantly train harder to reach our new found goals.

Team: My Running Addictions

My PowerSong: ” Just Dance! by Lady Gaga”


Next Run: Mizuno Mount Faber 10km, 24/06/2009, Bukit Merah

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