Review: Saucony 100Plus Passion Run 2009

Saucony 100Plus Passion Run 2009

Date: 24/05/2009

Location: ECP E2, Angsana Green

Distance Conquered: 15Km

Routemap: Click here

On the 24th of May 2009, Saucony along with 100plus and the PA association organised the Saucony 100plus Passion Run 2009. It was held in East Coast Park. There were several categories of runs. They were the 15km, 10km and 5km running category. Like the previous 2 years I took part in the 15km running category. This is one event that I would never miss as it is sort of an anniversary run for me. I first started getting hooked into running after completing the Saucony 100plus Passion Run 2007.

The event saw more than 5000 participants from different walks of life. Some were running for the first time while others were familiar faces. All had similar goals and which was to come together to challenge themselves in completing their various category distances


The first category to start was the passion run 15km competitive event. Runners came as early as 6:00am via private transport, public or the chartered buses provided just so they could be at the starting line and wait for the flag off at 7:00am.

I arrived there at 6:30am along with my friend, Asri who took part in the 15km category. While waiting for the flag off, runners gathered around the tent area where warm up activities were carried out. Some were busily depositing their belonging to the baggage area which was located close to the stage tent. While others were making sure that their DTAG was secure in place on their shoe. – DTAG was used as a timing device in this run.

7:00am, Flag off. Close to 500 runners made their way out of the starting gate as they began their 15km journey. As the organizer had changed the route slightly, there were a lot of surprises to look forward to.

The weather was quite unforgiving as the sun was just about to rise. Fortunately there were water points every 1km or so to help replenish runners. 100plus and Mineral water in small paper cups were handed out to the runners as they ran pass water points.

About an hour after it began, the first runner passed through the finishing line. I was not the one and neither was Asri but we did complete the distance in under 95mins. It was Asri’s first 15km run and his longest run to-date. (Kudos)

I was thankful we both had a lot of fun running the race and that we did not get unnecessary injuries as we will be running the sundown marathon this coming Saturday.

Medals and goody bags were given out as soon as we crossed the finishing line. While waiting for the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw. Runners were able to look around at the sponsor booth. SGRunners was one of the sponsors for the event. It was a good opportunity for me to get aquatinted with some of the members from the SGRunners forum.

Next came the performance, there were several after run performance but personally I felt that the NUS cheerleader squad was the performance that stole the show. As they began their routine everyone in the tent areas stopped and gazed at their performance.

It was then followed by the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw. SM Goh Chok Tong was present to give out prizes to the top finishers. Then shortly followed by the lucky draw event.

The Good :
I personally feel that this run get better every year, it clearly shows that the organiser really takes extra effort in making the event a successful one. There were sufficient water points and there were road marshals at every 500m or so cheering and guiding runners to the finishing line. The new route is more scenic compared to last years and I really enjoy taking part in this event.

The Bad:

As this is my 3rd time taking part in this event, there was definitely not much cons to write up on. The only thing I noticed that this year’s finisher medal is slightly smaller compared to last year. I received feedback that the design for this medal isn’t as beautiful compared to the previous year.

My Rating:

Difficulty: 6 (1- Beginners 10- Superhuman) – the distance might be a little challenging but I think everyone should at least give it a go. Most of the route is on flat surfaces and the view is scenic.

Organisation: 10 (1 – stop organising 10-Encore plz) – Overall it was well organised, Well done.

Will I run this run again? : Absolutely! a not to be missed event of the year. In which it was the Saucony Passion Run 2007 was the first ever run I took part in. This event will be like an anniversary run for myself.

My Power Song: “Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday”

Although Asri and I were tired after our NDP training the day before we were still enthusiastic in at least completing the run in under 100mins. Knowing that we could use this run as a warm up/ Training run for next Saturday’s Adidas Sundown marathon, added positive pressure to finish the run strong!

What’s next? Adidas Sundown Marathon, 30 May 2009 Changi Point

Race Photo :

2 thoughts on “Review: Saucony 100Plus Passion Run 2009

  1. Not really well organized. My friend and I reached the starting point for the 15km non-competitive as scheduled but were shoo off to start anyway. The whole time table were off. Even my other friends who took part also mentioned it.

  2. Hmm.. Thanks for the input didn't realize that was happening as most of the people I interviewed was from the Competitive category. I guess the organizer emphasis were for the competitive event. I personally will get tick off if the event started earlier than the schedule time.

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