Review: Greatest Charity Run @ TP 24/04/2009

Organiser: Singapore Book of Records

Date: 24/04/2009, Friday

Venue: Temasek Polytechnic Sports Hall

Category: 2.4 or 5 km run, 50m Wheel Barrow race

On the 24th of April 2009, The Singapore Book Of Records along with several other charitable organizations such as 4PM, Teen Challenge… The event was organized in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the Largest Human Wheelbarrow Race in human history. This record was held by Carey Baptist Grammar School of Melbourne with 1,044 participants taking part in the Wheelbarrow race.

I participated in this event together with my friend Asri, with whom I will also be running with for the Sundown marathon this coming May. Being that this is a night run it will be a good practice run for us to be familiar with running at night, where the air is filled with carbon-dioxide emitted by the trees that surround us.

As it was a Friday, we were able to reach Temasek Polytechnic on time for the race from our workplace. As we entered my former school we were greeted by the 1st wave of runners taking part in the 2.4km run. We made our way to the Sports hall where we registered ourselves and made our way to the soccer field to participate in the wheelbarrow run. It was tough. The last time we did something of this nature was in primary school. Certificates of participation were given at the end of the 50m.

8pm, All runners participating in the 5km assembled.A mass workout was conducted. Then off we went. Two rounds around route, which took us from the sports hall to the fountain, Mensa, Design canteen and the Stadium. It felt very nostalgic for me as I used to run around the route back when I was schooling there. Goody bags were given after the completion of the run. I have to say that the sponsor for the event was very generous; I did not expect to go home with so many souvenirs.

Personally I felt that the organisers had taken great care planning the event. There were a lot of activities going on at the same time and everyone seemed to be having so much fun trying to break the world record. Goody bag contents were beyond expectation.

My Rating:

Difficulty: 2 (1- Beginners 10- Superhuman) – an enjoyable run. The route is mostly flat and being that it was a night run, we hardly sweat as the temperature was cool.

Organisation : 7 (1 – stop organising 10-Encore plz) – Overall it was well organised, despite not having any baggage collection area. The organizer and the student helper made it a very entertaining event to be a part of. Kudos!

Will I run this run again? : Maybe. If it were to be organize on a weekend. It was a rush to get to the venue. Never the less had I had so much fun being a part of this record breaking event.

My Power Song : “Pressure by Paramore”


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