Gear review: ID BAND

– This little accessory might save your life one day!

No one can predict when they might face the nightmare of being involved in an accident. Whether you are just out for a run or even going home from a friend’s place, accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. ID Band is one way to ensure your survival.

Not only is it a fashionable accessory to put on your wrist, it is also practical. Each ID Band is unique as important details such as name, address, contact numbers, contact person, blood type and medicine allergies is recorded on to the band. This is useful in situations whereby the wearer is unable to speak after a accident.

In the past few years there have been cases of hit and run in which runners and cyclists have been run down by a vehicle while crossing the road, even when following the laws of the road.

As an avid runner, I normally run at night when it is cooler. Recently I’ve had some close calls while crossing at road junctions or zebra crossings. At night some drivers are even more reckless. Wearing the ID Band, I can be assured that in the event of an emergency, my status can be updated to my parents and that the paramedic will be able to tend to me better with the information provided by the band.

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