Review: Newton Active Run 2009 (01/03/09)

Newton Active Run 2009

Organiser: Newton Running Shoes & PA Associations

Date: 01/03/2009

Venue: Sengkang, Farmway LRT to Thanggam LRT & Back

Category: 10k Competitive Mens/ Female Open , Veteran Category& 5k Fun Run

On the 1st of March 2009, Sengkang hosted the first ever Newton Active Run 2009 which was previously known as the Punggol Run 08. With the newly completion of the Sengkang Riverside many runners did not know what to expect from the race, the only thing certain was that they were going to have a tough time completing the run.

It was early Sunday morning. While most people were still in bed or just getting ready to greet the morning, nearly 5000 runners gathered near the starting point to run the Newton Active Run. Runners from all over Singapore made their way to participate and challenge themselves.

Singapore’s Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean was the guest of honour for the event.

7:30am ā€“ Flag off. Minister Teo Chee Hean flagged off the first wave of runners in the 10km competitive category. I was late by 10mins as there was a queue at the baggage area. The race started out smooth as we ran towards Farmway LRT station and made a big loop around the open field in front of Anchorvale SRC before proceeding to the newly constructed Sengkang Riverside. We made our way to Thanggam LRT station which some runners were familiar with as this was part of the route of last year’s Punggol Run.

At the end of the race, runners gathered at the tent area near the basketball court to collect their goody bag, which consisted of an event T-shirt and spa vouchers. The Milo van was also there distributing free drinks to the runners. I managed to speak to a few runners and asked them about their experience. Some were still pumped up with endorphin after the run while other was just glad they survived! The latter was related by several runners from Sengkang Secondary who were apparently ‘volunteered’ to run, anyway you guys did good! Keep running (:

Then followed the prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw.

The Good:

Personally I feel that the route is very scenic and calm especially the Riverside Park. There was uphill and downhill running but to me that just adds to the fun and joy in running the race, never a dull moment. The organisers have obviously planned this race very well, there were road marshals and paramedics stationed at strategic locations along the route to assist runners.

The Bad:

While running, I noticed that they were giving out 500ml mineral bottle water at the water point. This to me, is wastage as runners will probably just take a sip of it and throw the rest away, Some also feel it is a hassle to run with a bottle in one hand.

Based on feedback from other runners : They feel that the organisers should have handed out discount vouchers for the running shoes rather than the spa vouchers.

My Rating:

Difficulty: 4 (1- Beginners 10- Superhuman) ā€“ everyone should try running/ jogging at Sengkang Riverside Park, Beautiful view.

Organisation: 9 (1 – stop organising 10-Encore plz) ā€“ Overall it was well organised, they were able to wrap up by 10:30am

Will I run this run again? Definitely! Had an awesome experience, might actually run there on weekend even.

My Power Song: “Miracle! by Paramore”

Although I started late but I was able to finish10k in 62mins

More Photos of the run:

1) Photo From Newton Activc Run 09 ( My facebook Photo)

2)Photo From Newton Activc Run 09 ( Christopher Tekko Koh Photo)

3) Photo from Key Power International

8 thoughts on “Review: Newton Active Run 2009 (01/03/09)

  1. I agree with your comment on the water bottles. When we reached the first water point, we were told that they ran out of water. The frustrating part is that for the next 100 m or so, we see so many almost full bottles discarded on the ground! Lucky we were given two bottles at the next water point! Otherwise my wife will never run again! šŸ™‚

    Nice review!

  2. Where can we see the official race timing? they said they would post it online on the next day,No sign of it,I feel they should have done it sooner.

  3. I feel the water should not given out as a bottle form. They should used paper cup to serve the runners. Most of the runners only the a sip just to wet their mouth. The balance will discards it on the roadside. Infact after the run they should given 100plus to replished sodium. I saw most of them went into 7-eleven to buy a bottle of it. On the other hand why not they provide FINISHER medal like others event.

  4. It seems that everyone has the same issue with the Bottle water. It is a total wastage, I feel they could save cost if they just give out 100plus or the mineral waters in those small paper cups. I also receive feedback that some runners were unhappy with the Finisher certificate and goodies bag. For the official timing, it is still not posted on their main site yet – even though they announce that it will be posted on the next day.

  5. I LOVE the scenic race route. My first time “exploring” Seng Kang. Love the road closures which opened up more space for the runners! I’m sure the organisers would study the feedback and make improvements. A well organised event. Good Job!

  6. I guess they drew form the fact that longer runs (20-30km) have long distances/difficult terrain where there are no or few water points and thus it is convenient to carry the bottle along rather than stop and go and stop and go.

    I agree that sports apparel vouchers would be more relevant rather than spa vouchers but this is something that’s tied up on their end so I can understand if they couldn’t do that.

    Either way, it was very good organization and management considering I have seen many full time organizers mess up big time on race day! Kudos to the organizers! =)

  7. I would say that this event’s organisation is not as superb as you guys suggest. Based in an ulu past of Singapore, Closing Roads and in fact whole area will not affect traffic, residents and businesses, meaning to say that there is lotsa time for them to do setup. Bigger events held at ECP or City area are much more difficult to carry out becoz they usually have just a few hours the night before to setup the actual race route. =)

  8. Great run bro! and nice dip after that. If not for the cramp, i would have gone up and down tt slide too!!

    u can reach me @

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