What’s on Your Ipod? Care to share your mix.

What are your “Power” songs?

Hey I bet you already know that I rely heavily on my Ipod for inspiration, motivation and as a de-stress tool. I listen to it when I’m running, training, working, reading, shopping, in the bus/ train etc.

So here’s my current playlist. It’s mostly upbeat . I like Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative & Indie.I hope you guys will share your favourite tracks with me as well.


Playlist Name: Running Away

Songs – Artist – Album

1. Save Our Soul – Electrico – We Satellite
2. Decode – Paramore – Twilight OST
3. Reconnect – Director – Reconnect (singles)
4. Fighting – Yellowcard – Paperwalls
5. No, It Isn’t – +44 – When your heart stop beating
6. Afraid – Yellowcard- Paperwalls
7. Liberation – Electrico – We Satellite
8. Misery Business – Paramore – Riot!
9. Return the Favour – The Hives – Black & White
10. Great Escape – Boys Like Girls – Boys Like Girls
11. Right Side of the Bed – Atreyu
12. Almost Easy – A7x – Avenged Sevenfold
13. The Adventure – Angels & Airwave – We Don’t Need to Whisper
14. Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin -Phobia
15. Only Where I’m Going – Electrico – Hip City
16. Check Yes Juliet – We Are King – We Are King
17.When Your Heart Stop Beating – +44 – When Your Heart Stop Beating
18. The Rock Show – Blink 182 – Take off your pants…
19. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boys – Infinity on High
20.Under The Gun – The Killers – Hot Fuss
21. Hello – Electrico – Hip City
22.Make you Smile – +44 – When Your Heart Stop Beating
23. Little Wonders – Rob Thomas – Meet the Robinson OST
24. Holly Wood Died – Yellowcard – Lights & Sounds

Yeah, this is just one of my running playlist songs. I prefer songs with very heavy drumming that gets the heart pumping faster. +44’s When Your Heart Stop Beating is awesome as it does just that.. Travis Barker rocks!

… So what’s on your Ipod Playlist?



Music has tremendous emotional and motivational power; it can help you to keep going, even when you feel “out of gas”. Music can inspire you to do what you never thought you could. Once you’re more comfortable with your technique, it is safe to go for pleasure jogs on a surface that’s familiar and in an area that you know.


Well actually music can twist your mind whichever way you want it to. Play just the right tune and you will cry or laugh, or remember your childhood or people you’ve forgotten. Music can transport you into the past or the future, or to the faraway lands that you always dreamed about.


Music can make any routine to be fun. Just make sure there is no potential danger in your selected routine because you will be distracted and you will be having a great time. It could be a fun to warm up or cool down before and after your intended runs.

Ref : http://www.posetech.com/training/archives/000615.html

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