Review: Valentine Day Run 09 – 8.6km Bedok Reservoir

Event Name: Valentine’s Day Run 09
Organiser: Kampong Chai Chee CC & PA Associations
Date: 15/02/2009 7am
Venue: Bedok Reservoir Park
Category: Couple race, Competitve & Leaisure

Bottom line: I feel that the run as a whole was well organised with prizes and events. Each participant only had to pay a fee of $5.



It started at 7am, Almost everyone had their dry fit event tee on. Coupes, singles, family and even pets, turned up for the race. The organisers conducted a warm up session with the participants for about 20mins before the start of the race. Flag off was at 7:20am, there were road marshals at about every 0.5km, cheering & motivating the participants to push on to complete the 2 rounds around the reservoir. There were about 3 water points along the route.


At the end of the run, everyone was given free towels, Milo and bananas as we waited for the last participant to cross the finishing line. There was even a “after run singing concert”. It was followed by the prize giving ceremony for the top 2 female and male runners, each of them brought back a trophy which was followed by lucky draw; 1st prize was a 16GB IPOD touch; I felt envious… maybe next time I’ll be lucky.

It certainly was an interesting Valentine’s Day morning where participants were able to spend time with their loved ones or do what they love the most – running.

The Bad

I was a bit annoyed at the start of the race as the organiser did not clearly specify the actual venue/ meeting place of the race. Some participants including myself, reported on the other side of reservoir near the fitness corner. Only to be informed that the starting point was at the floating platform.

My Rating:
Difficulty: 3 (1- Beginners 10- Superhuman)
Organisation : 9 (1 – stop organising 10-Encore plz)
Will I run this run again?: Definitely! It was great fun for all, even for singles.

DSC_0744-1Team Addicted Run – More Runs Awaits us

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