Tuesday Night Run – Work (UBI) to Safra Tampines

I’m back. I’ve been running every day for the past 2 weeks. It was Tuesday, so it was time to run back home after work. Today was special as I was joined by my running buddy, who will be one of my team mates in the Sundown marathon this coming May. We started running at about 6:23pm from our workplace and we reached SAFRA Tampines at 6.58pm. 5.52km. Good Job Mr. Bolt! & good luck for the Valentine’s day run this coming Sunday.

My Route (10/2/09) : Comfort Driving Centre (UBI) ->Eunos Technolink -> Enterise One Building -> Kaki Bukit industrial -> Kaki Bukit Prison -> Alkaff Mosque Kmpg Melayu -> Bedok Reservoir -> Temasek Polytechnic -> Tampines SAFRA.

Total Distance : 5.52Km

My Time: 33mins
Average Pace: 5.68 min/km
PowerSong: No it Isn’t – +44

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