Lesson learnt: Run with Front & Rear LED light – Save life

Just the other night, I was running one of my normal routes. The weather was almost perfect.It had just stopped raining.

I had tonnes of energy. My run started from Ubi at6:30pm and I was nearly at Tampines JC by 7:20pm. I was confident that I’d reach home by 7:40pm. Then… as I was crossing a zebra crossing while engrossed in my Power song, a white MPV sped towards me. Its a zebra crossing for crying out loud! Isn’t a motorist suppose to give way to pedestrians? (Basic Theory epic fail I guess).

I jumped to the side of the road avoiding an accident. It was so freaking close. I could actually feel my hydration pack getting scraped by the car. I was panicking wildly but was pumped up with adrenaline, kinda felt like the movie “Cranked”. The car E-break ed and horned like crazy as if it was my fault. I sprinted and when into some blocks. That was some crazy, life changing shit and also my very first near death experience.

Lesson learnt.
1) Even when you are obeying the road law by safe crossing some people may not actually give a crap about it.
2) Run with flashing lights so everyone can see. Thus there is no excuse for the driver to say ” But I never saw him leh”
3) This sums up everything : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjjsF5dRfaI
4) Pray & Run everyday as if its your last day. – cherish your love ones.

The route : Comfort Driving Centre (UBI) -> Enterise One Building -> Kaki Bukit Prison -> Alkaff Mosque -> Bedok Reservoir -> Temasek Polytechnic -> Ngee Ann Primary-> Tampines Interchange/ MRT -> Tampines Polyclinic -> Eastview Secondary -> Tampines JC -> DNF

Total Distance : 9.52Km

My Time: 0:56:24
Average Pace: 5.12 min/km
Calories Burn: 641
PowerSong: Hail To The Friends – Electrico

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