Running Back Home – New Route Found

I’ve decided to run back home after work at least once a week. Just like the run I ran on 6/01/2009, I will be running from my workplace in Ubi/ Payah Lebar all the way back home to Pasir Ris. This week I tried a slightly new route compared to last week’s which I think is a slightly shorter than last week route. This route took me across places like Bedok Reservior, Temasek Polytechnic etc. Once again with the help of my Nike+ Ipod I felt so pumped up to run as fast I could.

My Route (13/1/09)
: Comfort Driving Centre (UBI) -> Enterise One Building -> Kaki Bukit Prison -> Alkaff Mosque -> Bedok Reservoir -> Temasek Polytechnic -> Tampines SAFRA -> Holy Trinity Church -> Griffit Primary School -> Tampines East CC -> Tampines JC -> Loyang Avenue -> Loyang Point.

Total Distance : 11.52Km

My Time: 1:10:24
Average Pace: 5.68 min/km
Calories Burn: 741
PowerSong: When Your Heart Stops Beating – +44

I wasn’t as fast as on 6/1/2009 but I think this route was more scenic and the fact that I did not have to run through the crowded Tampines Interchange to get back is pretty relaxing. Don’t really like to run and dodge a lot of people.

Next week. new route – cutting through bedok reservoir park to its estate then Safra. l’ll be avoiding Temasek Polytechnic & Tampines interchange.

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