NIKE+ Ipod Experience – First Run

I bought the Nike+ Ipod device for the new year in the hope that it’ll improve my timing in my runs and also to keep track of the distances that I’ve covered in my runs. Plus, the reason I got it was that I like the voice feedback that will notify you of your speed and miles you’ve covered – Very motivating

Nike + Ipod System
Nike + Ipod System

My First Run with Nike+ Ipod

I had not run a single Kilometer after the SC Singapore Marathon which was on the 7/12/2008, So today after work, I decided to run back home. My workplace is in the Paya Lebar/ Ubi District and I stay in Pasir Ris. I had run home from work several times before while training for the SC Singapore marathon but had never measured the distance, all I know I will start running at 6:30pm and reach home by 8:00pm on the dot. Finally now I can do it all with my Ipod and Nike+.

My Ipod 3gen with Nike+

My Route (6/1/09) : Comfort Driving Centre (UBI) -> Enterise One Building -> Kaki Bukit Prison -> Alkaff Mosque -> Bedok Reservoir -> Temasek Polytechnic -> Tampines Stadium -> Tampines Poly Clinic -> East View Secondary -> Tampines JC -> Loyang Point.

Total Distance : 11.67Km

My Time: 1:08:44
Average Pace: 5.48 min/km
Calories Burn: 748
PowerSong : Right Side of Bed – Atreyu

Well I hope to find another alternative route back home from work and I guess I should really improve my timing in my next run.

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